Saturday, January 26, 2013

Dynamic Warm-Up and Fast Twitch Running Drills

Dynamic Warm-up and Fast Twitch Running Drills

Dynamic warm-up and running drills are an important part of preparation, and can be injected as a strengthening or fast twitch part of your training program. These programs are often included as a part of the practice for teams, such as soccer, football, track and field, or sports requiring elements of speed and agility, as well as distance events. The dynamic nature of the routine acts to prepare the body for training or competition. This will include elements of flexibility, core stabilization and mobility, strength and stretch shortening contraction.

It is strongly recommended that developing a Dynamic Warm-up Program becomes an integral part of the Athlete's Training Ritual. Designed, and Practiced, early in the season will enable the athlete to become tuned-in to the body, and establish mental focus in preparation for the ensuing practice to competitive event. 

Careful attention to the intensity and duration of the various running drills and dynamic warm-up is used when developing specific routines for specific occasions. There may be a specific pre-practice program that may have an element of increasing strength, endurance or stretch shortening contractions. All of which have an influence on running economy.

A pre-competition ritual may be focused more on strategies that are prepping for maximum performance in the event. It is the goal to avoid fatigue that would interfere with the competitive event.

The following videos provide a varied approach to Dynamic Warm-Up and Running Drills.
The First Video:

  1. The Lunge Matrix Warm-Up by Coach Jay Johnson
  2. Running Drills by Lauren Fleshman
  3. Dynamic Warm-Up: Fast Twitch Drills by Randy Bauer

I hope you find the videos full of information that can be used in designing a sport-specific, dynamic warm-up program. Whether it is for You, or Your Athletes, it may just be another tool in the pack on the Journey of Success.

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