Athletic Performance

Athletic Performance and Training

Athletic performance success demands sport-specific training, nutritional practices for energy and recovery, and a mindset of growth and discipline.

Physical Training
  • Sport-specific: If you are a soccer player, then train like a soccer field.
  • Age-Specific:
  • Gender-Specific: If you are a female athlete, then train like a female athlete. Attention must be given to gender specific demands; metabolic, hormones and physical structure must be considered.
  • Ability-Specific:

Recovery Techniques
The mind and body require recovery from training sessions, competitive demands and daily activities(school and work). Recovery and repair allows you to be on top of your game preventing overuse injury and burn-out from the rigors of a demanding schedule, both on and off the field.

Energy and Nutrition

Psychology of the Athlete

Keys to Success

Speed Training: Game Plan for Athletic Success

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Sports Performance Training
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Athletic Performance: Nutritional Demands

Having a clear understanding of the primary energy nutrients that fuel your body for athletic conditioning and performance are essential to success in sports.

This SlideShare provides basic information regarding the requirements of the primary energy nutrients: 
  • Carbohydrates
  • Fats
  • Protein
These nutrients provide fuel, assist in building muscle, aid in the recovery process of training and competition,  and assist with the metabolic needs of the athlete. Without proper attention to the foods that you eat high level performance will not be achieved. 

Game Plan for Success Nutrition from Bauer Physical Therapy

Protein Chart to Determine Portions

Nutritional Store

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