Sunday, September 15, 2013

How Exercise Intensity Benefits Muscle Function and Performance

The Beneifts of Exercise Intensity: Muscle Function, Training and Performance

Exercise Training Intensity is an essential variable to any exercise program. If you are an athlete with the goal of high performance, trying to lose weight, or just seeking to improve your function, exercise intensity must be considered in your program design.
How Exercise Intensity is varied during an training session has everything to do about the goal that you desire. The benefits of training is a foundation to maximizing results. 

If your goal is to lose weight, intensity can manipulated to increase your metabolism.

If your goal is to increase speed, intensity must be considered to improve neuromuscular function.

If your goal is to increase strength, at any age, there must be increased intensity of muscular function to maximize performance.

To maximize the results of a training program it is important to know what your maximum intensity. This includes understanding your maximum ability to lift a weight, run a specific distance, or your heart rate response to a given workload (stationary bike, treadmill, or walk/run distance). 

Training intensity when engaged an any fitness program must be determined with the assistance of a skilled Medical Professional or Fitness Expert.

+Steve Hoyles describes varied methods to increase exercise intensity:

  • Supersets
  • Tabata Method
  • Pauses (during negative phase of lift)
  • Time Under Tension (Super Slow Reps)
  • Intervals 
The fundamental purpose of your training is to improve your fitness and functionality, and these are sure-fire ways of doing this.  - Steve Holyes

Developing strength and the ability to perform activities of high intensity are predictors of maintaining function as the body ages.

The ability to engage in activities around the home, outdoors, or in social or recreational pursuits has everything to do with your body's ability to perform work. This can include hiking into nature, rearranging the garage, or dancing at your child's wedding. So shake a leg and start a fitness program that engages your body to perform at higher intensities.

Increasing fitness requires attention to exercise intensity to reap the benefits of muscle function and performance at any age, pursuit or fitness goal. 
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