Friday, September 13, 2013

How to Train Like the US Soccer Team: Speed and Endurance Conditioning

Conditioning for Speed and Endurance: Train Like US Soccer Team

The conditioning for high-intensity athletic performance, as is required for the +U.S. Soccer Team, requires special speed and endurance work.

Performing repeated bouts of high intensity, short sprints, with rest bouts of 30 to 40 seconds places demands on the lactic acid and phoso-creatine system. A strong aerobic base is required for sports of continuous work with short bouts of sprint and agility, and varied rest, or lower intensity efforts.

Speed testing provides information to gain the athlete's maximum sprint time. The distance will require a 30-40 meter distance. Within this distance measures of acceleration, flying 20 meter, and speed in terms of time covered in the total distance. Using speed traps that measure the time in each zone allow the performance coach to gather a complete picture of the athlete's speed measures.

When testing for speed endurance the athlete will then perform repeat 30 meter sprints with short, 25-30 second recovery. The athlete runs at maximum level with each 30 meter sprint. This is repeated 6 to 7 times, measuring the time of each sprint bout.

The intermittent, short bouts of rest interrupting the sprints is much like the football athlete returning to a huddle before the next play, or the basketball player sprinting to the opposite side of the court.

An Athlete conditioned specifically to meet the demands of their sport is a prepared athlete, and many prepared athletes are a prepared team.

When training specifically for speed and +Speedendurance. com  rest intervals must be provided to accomplish the desired goals of the workout session. In the case of speed and speed endurance, rest intervals provide the recovery necessary to train at near maximal intensity. This intensity must be no more than 10% decay of a maximal effort. If this is not allowed to occur then the athlete will be training the aerobic system.

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