Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Change Your Mind About Stress: Connect, Care & Compassion

The capacity to change our mind about stress, and connect with ourselves' and others, has great impact on our well-being. The nature of our work, how we engage with others, sharing and receiving with purpose and empathy, all have a positive effect on our health and well-being. We must stop for a moment, give attention, and change how we relate to, if not be friends with stress +Eli Davidson .

+Mark Traphagen  Why Give Away Your Expertise

Stress can be a state of disequilibrium. When we give to much of our self there is imbalance. The gift of giving, with compassion, restores this imbalance. Much the way a healthcare giver, or one that shares knowledge.

Stress can be caused by disattention. This leads to disconnection (imbalance), that leads to disregulation(loss of the feedback loop). This creates an internal imbalance, or disorder. This may ultimately lead to a disease of some system of the body(Schwartz, Gary, in Full Catastrophe Living, Jon Kabat-Zinn).

Stress can be linked to many physical and mental diseases, as well as our productivity and personal relationships, that effect how we function at work and home. Health practitioners have focused on how to treat these disorders. The focus has been on how to "not stress out", and the 20 ways to eliminate stress in your life.

How to befriend stress is another matter.
These are positive influences on how stressful life events can change our well-being. 

Stress, when approached from a positive psychology perspective, has the ability to develop resiliency through:
  • Positive emotions 
  • Meaning, or Optimism about the Future
  • Relationships

Recent research has demonstrated that by connecting with others in a meaningful way, providing care and compassion, has a way of relieving stress, and making stress our friend.
Let us fill our hearts with our own compassion, 
Towards ourselves, towards all human beings 
- Thich Nhat Hanh

At the core of our well-being is the compassionate heart. This is a deep empathy for the help or giving to another person.

How can we work this "compassionate heart" for our own well-being and others?

Compassion Meditation

Knowledge-sharing not only creates a better world, but
brings esteem, loyalty,
and authority back to the one who share it. - 
+Mark Traphagen 

Our present culture of social media has at the core the ability to provide a great resource for connecting to, caring and giving with compassion. This is the sharing of knowledge that we give to others through our relations in social media platforms. We have the ability to add value to someones life.


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