Thursday, August 29, 2013

How SmartBells Work For Physical Therapy

How SmartBells Work for Physical Therapy

I was introduced to SmartBells over 5 years ago in my Physical Therapy practice, Bauer Physical Therapy. In no time was hooked by the innovative and genius design, and began to understand how I could use the SmartBell, not only with my Physical Therapy clients, but also for specialized fitness and sports conditioning programs, and work conditioning.

In my practice I have developed functional routines for a variety of rehabilitation implementation. This has included teaching body mechanics of lifting, postural re-education, and upper and lower core conditioning for baseball players. The design of the SmartBell allows for a variety of functional grasping techniques. This instills ergonomic gripping unlike the conventional use of bars and dumbbell.

The SmartBell also is sturdy, making it literally unbreakable. Place it on the floor and it becomes a platform for push-ups, plank rows, and even standing to promote balance. In the manner of upper extremity weight-bearing the wrist is assumes a more neutral position, unlike the standard push up posture where the position of the wrist is more extended.

The SmartBell can be used with a bilateral grasp, or you can grasp two SmartBells in the middle portion. This allows for bilateral symmetrical and asymmetrical exercises (bent-over flies, alternating flies). This functional emphasis provides for a variety of movement patterns. Developing protocols to meet the demands of your clients, or your own fitness needs are only limited by your own innovations.

You can visit ThinkFit if you are interested in purchasing your own SmartBells. If you have questions regarding the use in your own setting or fitness program do not hesitate to comment below, and I will be glad to answer your questions or comments. If you choose to purchase a SmartBell at ThinkFit use the coupon code: RBPT on check out and you will be provided a 10% discount on purchase.