Saturday, August 31, 2013

How to Test Your Present Level of Fitness Bleep Test

The Bleep Fitness Test
There is Good Reason it is called Bleep

The Bleep Fitness Test (BFT) is a great fitness app for measuring your present level of fitness. This is a field test that is commonly used for Fitness Testing the Soccer Athlete. I have also used for fitness testing basketball players.  It is a great test to see how fit you are, providing a fitness index of aerobic capacity (VO2). It also provides a qualification of good, excellent, essentially how you measure up to others.

The Bleep Fitness Test is also commonly referred to as the Beep Test. The Test is can be continuous or discontinuous. The BFT is a continuous test performed on a soccer/football/basketball field or court within 2 cones set 20-meters apart. The App used here can be downloaded onto you phone. The test protocol is essentially progressive speeds of running up and back between the two cones. The speed progressively increases, and the individual must keep pace. There is an audible sound that lets you know if you are keeping pace. When you are no longer able to keep pace the test is terminated. Your test results are displayed and saved for future reference.

The Bleep Fitness Test Application: Google Play

Bleep Test Free: Apple

The discontinuous test is the Intermittent Recovery Test. This test has a walk-around zone of 5-meters that is performed after the up and back phase of the 20-meter run. This test is not used in establishing your aerobic fitness. The Intermittent Recovery Test (Yo-Yo Test) has been used by US Soccer, and is the test I commonly used when field testing the soccer athlete.

The Nature of the BFT is a Gut Check to Measure your Fitness Level. This will establish your baseline that can be measured at a future date. Establishing this index of fitness is an essential component to purposeful fitness and sports conditioning. If you do not know your physical conditioning level prior to your sport season you do not have an honest picture what conditioning goals to set, or training protocol to follow.

There are  only two people that have completed the full 21 levels of the Bleep Test, and they are Beckham and Armstrong. Do not expect to even come near this level unless you are a highly conditioned athlete. 

Give the Bleep Fitness Test a try. Let me know how you performed, and if you have any questions on the test protocol or on How to Boost Your Training Level. There are more Fitness Testing Protocols that I will share with you in the future. Until then, Get Bleeping Fit.

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