Monday, August 12, 2013

The Genius of SmartBells for Fitness,Therapy and Training

The SmartBell by ThinkFit is up to some new genius in the applications of resistive strengthening for the fitness, sports training and physical therapy industry. I was originally introduced to the SmartBell in 2007, and have been hooked by the simple and diverse application in my physical therapy office(Bauer Physical Therapy, Laguna Hills). In my practice of have used the SmartBell, a sculpted weight that provides fluid movement, and a variety of grip options, applying this to rehabilitation clients recovering from injury, and returning to activity; in the gym, at home or on the athletic field.

The Genius Applications of SmartBells

This weekend I attended the IDEA Fitness World Convention 2013 in Los Angeles and discussed with David Grove, President and CEO of ThinkFit, some of the new developments that are taking place with The SmartBell by ThinkFit.

The big change is the ability to attach your smartphone to the front of the SmartBell. This will allow you to perform HIIT, listen to your mp3 player, or watch a video of SmartBell specific training videos. There is now a downloadable application to not only watch a video, but create an video. You will also be able to track your caloric expediture.

You can visit ThinkFit and purchase your own SmartBell and begin to discover the creativity that exists when you place one, or two of these in your hand(s).

SmartBells and ProBells

SmartBell Lite (1.5-lb.)
SmartBell (5 and 12-lbs)
ProBell (ranges from 10 to 72-lbs.)

If you choose to purchase online at use the Coupon Code: RBPT (10% off).

When my staff was first introduced to the SmartBell I was immediately engaged its' versatility and application to the clients I served. I will use the SmartBell on a daily basis for:

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy & SmartBells

  • Post-operative back and neck, and spine conditions
  • Post-operative knee patients(ACL reconstruction, Meniscal Repairs)
  • Ankle sprains and post-operative reconstruction
  • Balance, coordination and home exercise tool
  • Scapular dysfunction and shoulder disorders(rotator cuff repair

Athletic and Sports Conditioning

Sports Conditioning

Fitness Programs


Genius Design for Creative Program Design: SmartBell

There are some fun and exciting group activities that add spirit and zen to the SmartBell Training.
  • Try choreographing music to your group routine.
  • Partnered dance and fitness routines.
  • Physical education and dance practice for endurance, flexibility and functional capacity.
Pick your music to set the mood, or energy that you want to create during your individual, partnered, or group training session. Try Brent Lewis from his album Drum Sex

If you have questions regarding the SmartBell, and would like to hear of my first hand applications of its' use in the fitness,sports conditioning and physical therapy setting please contact me through my google plus profile. +Randy Bauer . 
You may also contact me to schedule specialized training for your staff and/or fitness trainers.